Group Flight Packages

We offer a variety of Standard Group Packages designed to accommodate up to 20 people per machine with absolutely no experience required. We handle all the training, provide all the gear & safety equipment and our staff of Certified Flyboard Instructors will get you and your group in the air easily and safely. In addition to our Standard Group Packages, we can custom design a group outing for as many flyers as you would like. We also do Private parties with Yachts, Cruisers, Sailboats, Ski Boats, & Party Barges. We will bring the Flyboard party to you. At the destination of your choice. We also will go to houses, camps, and private lakes to bring the Flyboard experience to our guest. Water conditions permitting.

Standard Group Package

No Experience Necessary

Our Standard Group Packages are the easiest way to get you and your group flying and no previous experience is required. Of course if there is a hot shot in the group that's flown before, all the better! The Flyboard® is, after all, Designed for Sport; Engineered for Flight! Contact us today to get your group flying the Aquafly way. All of our Standard Group Packages listed include the following:

  • Listed times are actual time on the water
  • Dedicated Instructor for each Group
  • Wetsuits, Helmets and Life Jackets 


NOTE: Listed times are Machine Hours. For example, a 4 Hour reservation would be 1 Machine for 4 Hours; 2 Machines for 2 Hours or 4 Machines for 1 Hour