Every Company has a story, a reason for being.  Our story begins in April 2012.  My fiancé at the time and now my wife were packing our luggage for our trip to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico for our dream beach wedding. As my wife was packing our things and I was on my iPhone as usual, Googling whatever was on my mind at the time. I came across a random Youtube video. As always. One video lead to another. And that one to another. And so on, and so on. Then all of a sudden. I came across the title of a video that would eventually change my life.  The name was "Flyboard Family Official." I watched it 50 times that first day. Until my phone battery died. And each day after, I progressively watched it more and more often. Until I had the movements that the guys in the video were doing and every word to the song was memorized.  The key word stuck out to me more than anything else. "FLY." The entire 10 days we were in Cozumel, all I could think about was opening a Flyboard rental operation right out in front of the Resort Aura, where my wife and I were staying. Upon returning home. I researched every aspect of the Flyboard®.  From cost, to insurance, to how Flyboarding® works. Possible locations. And a seemingly never ending list of things that needed to be purchased for the business. Of course I thought about never leaving the beautiful sands of Cozumel. And of course I thought about taking Flyboard® to Florida and opening up shop.

But I am a New Orleans native thru and thru. Locals here call it, "Bleeding Black & Gold." In reference to our New Orleans Saints. With all of the great culinary indulgences found here. Family, friends, and unrivaled southern hospitality. To say that it would be hard to move away from home would be an understatement. At first I tried to tell myself that this was way out of my league. That I would never be able to start a successful business. That it would fail. But in my dreams every night I saw it thriving here in Louisiana. So I did what I had always heard. "Write down your goals and dreams." Then, "follow them." I started by writing them down. Then I kept saving every dollar that I could after paying bills. Then I talked to countless successful business owners. Picking there brains. Asking them things like, "how did they start there business?" Did they think I had a good idea? How much money did they think I would need as far as money to do something like this? The main lesson I learned from these various conversations was. That you can not possibly succeed or fail if you never try. And once I ingrained that in my mind. I went full steam ahead. Grinding everyday. Never giving up. Working countless hours. Saving  every penny and every dollar for the next year and a half. I did as much research about the sport as possible. And from New Years's 2014 on. I dove into the unbelievable sport of Flyboarding® head first. Both literally and figuratively speaking!  

I had a list of 20 possible location here in southeastern Louisiana. I narrowed that list down to two locations. And have big dreams and plans for more to soon follow. I am also excited to announce that new for Summer 2014 the release of the all new Hoverboard® as well as the 2015 release or the all new JetPack® ! Give us a call to set up either your  individual or Group Flyboard® or Hoverboard® lessons today.  As Flyboarding® and Hoverboarding® as a sport grow. Aquafly New Orleans will be on the front line. Blazing a path for generations both young and old alike to follow! Our Shows & Talent Division is thrilling audiences with spectacular shows and we are home to three of the best Pro-Flyboarders in the World.